Each participating artist or group receives a departure fee and a grant for travel expenses, free private accomodation

and free catering during the festival. In addition, of course, each artist has the chance to collect in the hat, and the ability to merchandise is fully allowed.


The application date for the

Zookuenstler festival 2019 has expired.

The new application period begins as soon as the next festival is fixed by date.

Participation conditions



      Below "act" is always meant as individual performance (single artists or artist groups).

  • About 30 acts will be invited to the festival. For this purpose, interested artists should send the application form to the Festival Committee.

  • There are 10 different locations in the zoo area. Each participating act performs on saturday and sunday for 3-4 times for about 30-45 minutes at a specified location. The location can be changed by appointment from saturday to sunday.

  • Each act has the opportunity to collect money with the hat and the ability to merchandise in the zoo area.

  • Each act receives an appearance fee and  a grant for travel expenses.

  • If requested, we provide private accomadation with Münster families for participating artists for free.

  • Also catering will be guaranteed to all artists during the two days of the festival with food and beverage vouchers for free.

  • At some locations acts do have, upon agreement, the opportunity to get electricity (220 V). PA's are available only at three locations in consideration of disturbance of the zoo animals.

  • Shows with fire or fireworks are not allowed because of zoo animal protection.


Zookuenstler is member of KultNet

   International Street Artists Festival at the Muenster Allwetterzoo

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